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Seriously Good for 18 Years!


Maurizio, Sandi and Schnoopy have retired!
It was a fabulous 18-year run. We had a blast! 
We’d like to send our heart-felt appreciation to EVERYONE!
We loved meeting you and serving you!
Our last day was Saturday, December 28, 2019.

So what will happen to GRAZIE!?
Don’t worry, we’ve left it in good hands.

In 2002, a young talented chef, Gio Osso, relocated to Scottsdale.  As an interim gig, he worked with us making yummy pizzas.  He eventually moved on and yada, yada, yada, is now a super popular, award-winning chef.  He opened his own snazzy restaurant, Virtù – virtuscottsdale.com – a few blocks away from GRAZIE!  Virtù and Gio have received tons of accolades over the years.

When Gio found out we wanted to retire, he jumped on the opportunity to grab GRAZIE!’s great location and open his own pizzeria.  Going full circle 17 years later, Gio is now the proud new owner.  
GRAZIE!’s new name is Pizzeria Virtùpizzeriavirtu.com
and it’s gonna be FANTASTIC with a new and exciting menu!
Come check it out!

Pizzeria Virtù
is Opening in January 2020.

We are so pleased that GRAZIE!’s location will remain a locally owned restaurant with delicious food and a great non-chain restaurant vibe.  
Gio refers to his first Virtù restaurant as a “beautifully composed symphony of sights, scents and tastes”.
Certainly this will apply to Pizzeria Virtù as well.

Thank you, Gio!
We hope you have a long and successful run.  Maybe more than 18 years?

Pizzeria Virtù
6952 E Main Street
Scottsdale, Arizona  85251
(480) 663-9797

Have fun at
Pizzeria Virtù!